Potassium depletion and cortisone

Cortisone, which is great for itching, depletes the body's POTASSIUM, Vit A and Vit C levels after constant (subjective term, probably different for everyone) absorption into the skin. Ironic that a lot of you/us find trich eases when supplementing with potassium. Also ironic that a lot of trichster use cortisone to stop the itch caused by the trich. Vicious cycle! Try using Calendula or Comfrey gel or simples (never lotions or ointment, the oil in that can increase the itch) in lieu of cortisone. Just a suggestion, do whatever you feel comfortable with. But everything we put into/on our bodies needs to be filtered out and our HAIR is a filtering system like the liver and kidneys. STRESS also depletes potassium levels as does sugar, salt and coffee just to name a few. I thought it interesting anyway. Just keep it in mind if you use cortisone creams.   It can take a while to cycle out of your body. Also ironic that my trich started about the time that my mom was having me injected with cortisone for my skin allergies.