Detailed Root descriptions

Following is a graphic description of  rituals.  DO NOT READ IT IF YOU ARE AFFECTED BY DISCUSSIONS OF ROOTS OR GRAPHIC DISCUSSIONS..... page down past it, to the bottom of the page!  You have been warned (seriously!)

*************** UNSAFE READING FOR SOME TRICHSTERS **********************

My own sequence: Find a really dark one. Yank the hair. Sometimes I can just squeeze the skin from both sides and it slides out all by itself. I feel like it was dirty and that now that I've removed the offending hair, my skin is clean again. I stare at the root, which is usually blackened. I bite the non-root end... pull it through my teeth. If the hair did not just slip out from squeezing, I'll try my teeth. If I can't get a grip,
I'll look for the tweezers tool from my pocket knife. Sometimes I'll be at work and realize that I left them at home, which infuriates me. My head itches and I scratch it... then the back of my neck starts... Then
my shoulders. I go after a chest hair instead. I go back to where I was. IT'S STILL THERE. I've used the pocket knife itself. I've used a block of staples against my thumb to try to get a better grip so I can GET IT OUT. I can't... I'll completely chew a pen cap to death instead... swallowing little bits of plastic instead... CHEW CHEW CHEW... bite my nails. Use Look at my pinkies. I have hair in that next to last segment... ya know, the one before the one with the fingernail... There's one long one. There's a short one that I bit off earlier. Then there's another short one that's dark and thick. Now it's itching... I scratch it, but I look back at it and it STILL looks gross. I gotta get rid of it... Tweezers! Now that long one looks out of place... I bite it off. I look at my arms. There's an infected follicle with the hair in it... I pull it and
drain it as best as I can. There's another one that I already pulled, but still infected.... I rupture it... There's one that I already did that to, but now there's an even darker scab there... I rip it off and check
out the tender skin under it. There's three hairs in there! I grab the tweezers again and yank them all out of there. Then back to my neck... There's one on the back that's too long... YANK. Then in the front.
Either I missed that one when I was shaving or it grew back already... Just long enough that I can feel that it's there when I rub my hand over it, but short enough that I can't grab it. It's at least an inch and a half from the rest of my facial hair.... it looks stupid... gotta get it.

At times I try to wean myself away from my scalp and face (tired or no hair!) and include ALL hairs accessible. My lifelong flexibility is probably due to my attemps at procuring the perfect, dark or course
armpit, leg, or pubic/anal hair. Shameful. Especially if I've done it before and it's ingrown. Of course I have to ingest the roots if they're "yummy." I wonder how I haven't contracted some strange illness
from the unusual lack of hygeine.  Also, I can't imagine what I'd be like if I were naturally hairy! I
look at ethnic friends, or pictures and I can visualize the hungry roots waiting for me... And, I sometimes salivate or get giddy at the sight of an extraordinary hair (the one we're always hoping for). One of my strongest childhood memories is of "the one that got away;" or one HUGE, FAT, RED tipped root app. 1 inch in length. I held it in my hand and "painted" myself with it, posed with it in the mirror, until it fell to the bathroom floor. I searched for 10 minutes, and kept looking later that night.   Unbelievably, my mouth still waters.

I pull my hair in quest for the red roots-the crunchy runs, i run them through my two front teeth. I have dne this since i was 12, I am 25 now. A big clue to trich sufferers who eat the roots is that, well for me-I always pull the root off with the exact same tooth in the exact same spot-so on that tooth the
enamel has totally worn away and there is an indention where the hair has been pulled through again and again. I have found that the red roots are primarily on the sides of my head behind the ears, but randomly I get one from other areas too. My ration of black to red roots os about for every 50 hairs I pull
one of them will be a red root.