What can I say??           What to say to rude people

Here are a few suggestions (from trichsters)

Did you mean to be nasty to me, or is this just your way?
Yes, but I one day I will have hair, and but you will still be mean/nasty/rude etc.
If someone says:  Oh dear, you have a bald spot!   say:  Oh gee, tell me something I don't know!
When people enquire about your hair, say:   the doctors don't know why..  (you're not lying, right?)
Say:  I have a chemical imbalance and it causes hair loss   (you don't have to explain how!)
"I might answer your question if you tell me why you need to know."
"Thank you so much for your concern....however it really is not your concern." That usually shuts people up, and darn quick!
I told my hairdresser that I have a medical condition that causes me to lose my hair periodically. I also told her that I'm self-conscious about it
I found what helps me (and shuts people up) is to tell them I have
alopecia. This is a condition where one has hair loss (sometimes caused
by stress...not pulling).
I was in a store once and a boy about 12 or so came up to me with his mother and just stared at me. He finally asked "Hey lady, whats wrong with your hair?" I told him "I used to ask people questions like that all the time and my mom thought I was very rude. She would pull my hair everytime I did something like that, and now look at what has happened to my hair." He just looked at his mom, as if to say "You'd
never do that to me, would you mom?" The poor mom looked embarassed. I guess I should have had more patience, as he was just a kid, but I said it with a lot of humor, and also with the hope that he would think twice before asking someone such a personal question again.
When I was 20, a door to door salesman came to my door selling magazines. She was very blunt and asked me what the problem was with my hair. She asked it in a rather rude way. I got a very sad look in my eyes and told her I had just had another chemotherapy treatment and that is why I was losing my hair, and that I was
very sensitive about it. I also told her I would love to buy magazines from her, but would not be alive long enough to enjoy them, as I only had a matter of months to live. Would you believe this woman commented that I should still order magazines because my husband could enjoy them after I was gone! Some people. At first, I felt bad lying like that, but after her additional comments I realized she could care less about my condition and was just being nosy and trying to sell her magazines.
last week of school this kid Alan said , " hey Lauren your eybrows are gone !"
I said " um alan what are you on ? and said that they are the same as always
and i said if anything is gone it's your brain .
And my favorite thing to say to rude people when they ask "Why is your
hair thin?" is "Why do you want to know?"
I tried to get my daughter to respond to rude questions about her eyelashes
by saying, "I have a disease that's very contagious.....and I'm gonna give
it to you if you don't leave me alone."
a suggestion to say to rude people would to tell them that i had an allergic reaction to a mascara and now i am sueing the company!! they get a kick out of it and they suddenly wanna become your best friend!!
My 10 year old daughter just went back to school with out eyebrows. She was upset kids were asking "what did you do? did you wax? did you tweeze" They were not being nasty about it but it hurt her just the same. We practiced over and over a set response "I don't know (that was her response of choice) but the Doctor said they would grow back." If the kids asked again she would
repeat the same response and add: "Now please don't ask me again." She felt better just having a response. And usually the kids left her alone at the mention of "the doctor".
My favorite thing to say when somebody asks me about my hair is "God doesn't   want anyone to be perfect, so he gave me bad hair, what did he give you?"
i usually respond with the chemical imbalance one, if it is someone who i feel is worthwhile telling. If it is just someone in the store or being obviously nosy i flat out tell them i don't discuss me medical conditions, or my private matters with strangers, and i look them straight in the eye with a harsh determined look. I then tell myself how thankful I am that my hair loss is from pulling, and not from a life threatening illness, it makes me feel like my illness is so petty when i see these bald children in the cancer unit ( i am a nurse at a children's hospital) fighting for just one more day of life. when losing their hair is the least of their problems, it just makes my want
to thank God for the health he has given me, and that i get out of bed everyday-bald or not.
So when people  work up the nerve to come ask me "What's up with your hair" or "Hey do you
shave your eyebrows?" I always say that "No I don't shave my eyebrows" and about my hair..... Depending on what mood I'm in I either tell them I shaved my head or I tell them the whole trich theory. The one's I've told about trich have ALL said they knew someone who did that, sometimes they admit to having done it themselves as a child.
This one shuts the really bad ones up real fast.....
" fine, i'll tell you already! I was taking a medicine and it thinned out my hair! And you know what? I''m still more beautiful than you. because its the inside that counts, So you basicly have huge warts and pimples all over your face.
If someone goes wassup with your hair say Uh I have a question about yours wassup with it? or have you looked in a miror lately. When you figure out whats wrong with yours then come back to me and clue me in on the question.
I may have no eyelashes, but you have no manners!
....I change my part on my hair from the right side with a shorter spiky hairstyle to the left sided part that changed my appearance at the suggestion of my hair stylist....One girl at work...44 yrs old...walks up to me and says....all you need now is horned rimmed glasses and I ll call you a nerd.....I looked at her and said ....I ll try to continue having a good day
despite your movie reviews......and smiled...she walked away and apologized a couple of days later....ooiiiyy...people....Jim C...Arlington, Texas..........................another girl just walked up and said and I quote.....-I don t like it- (meaning the haircut change)....I smiled and said...well then you certainly wouldn t like my new Chinese modern living room set that I just bought either.....blank smile..........that's all....everyone else including me liked my change....
I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person
hey at least i know what my problems are